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Limerick lace is a hybrid lace of embroidered needle lace or crocheted lace on a machine made net base.


It is a ‘mixed lace’ rather than a ‘true lace’, which would be entirely hand made. Limerick lace comes in two forms: tambour lace, which is made by stretching a net over a frame like a tambourine and drawing threads through it with a hook, and needlerun lace, which is made by using a needle to embroider on a net background.


No. 8 ~ LIMERICK LACE – Lily & White Rose


Limerick Lace Natural Wax Candle

PriceFrom €11.00
  • Available in small and medium sized amber jars with a black screw lid and now the larger ‘Amber Lux’ Jar with a black metal lid.

    Small = 120ml = 20-25 hours burn time.

    Medium = 180ml = 30-35 hours burn time.

    Large = 300ml - 55- 60 hours burn time.

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