Exact dates are unknown but as far back as the 1600’s small lavender filled linen sachets known as ‘sleep pillows’ were hung in bedrooms to help overcome sleeplessness and treat insomnia, we are not sure our blisfully scented candle will cure insomnia but it will definitely provide you with relaxing and restful moments. 


No. 12 ~ THE LAVENDER DREAMS – Lavender & Chamomile


The Lavender Dreams Candle

  • Available in small and medium sized amber jars with a black screw lid and now the larger ‘Amber Lux’ Jar with a black metal lid.

    Small = 120ml = 20-25 hours burn time.

    Medium = 180ml = 30-35 hours burn time.

    Large = 300ml - 55- 60 hours burn time.

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