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Cedar + Jasmine


A BRAND NEW SCENT in the RESTORE range as part of the NEW Spá Collection


White florals and precious woods warmed by amber to restore and rebalance your mind.


Top notes Jasmine, eucalyptus and thyme

Middle notes Muguet, cedarwood and iriswood

Base notes Amber, tonka bean


100% soy wax with added dried botanicals.  Each pack contains 6 square segments to melt.  Pop the melt into the dish of your wax/oil warmer and enjoy a strong aroma for  2 hours and more.


Weight ~ 80g

Cedar + Jasmine Soy Wax Melts

  • Our botanical wax melts are an alternative way to fill your home with fragrance. Made using pure soy wax and the finest quality fragrance oils, this botanical is designed for use in all wax melt warmers with a tea light. Simply break off a chunk for melting and then save the remainder back in the recycled  PET container until your next burn. The container also bares the universal recycling symbol so you can easily dispose of it .

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