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Skin Revive: Geranium & Grapefruit Essential Oils + Vitamin E Oil


Mineral-rich Himalayan salt infused with 100% essential oils, Vitamin E Oil, and Chamomile Flowers.


The healing powers of salt baths are still valued to the present day thanks to well-documented health benefits by ancient Greeks. And when choosing a salt to soak in, the pure Himalayan variety reigns supreme!

Bath Salts - REVIVE

PriceFrom €8.00
    • Himalayan bath salts are easy to use: simply run a warm bath, then add in one or two capfuls of The Irish Chandler bath salts into the water and allow them to dissolve, mixing together if necessary.
    • Step into your bath tub, submerge, and relax!
    • For the best results, soak for at least twenty minutes to unwind and allow your skin to absorb the beneficial properties of  the minerals and oils.
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